domingo, 17 de maio de 2009

Divergence in both parties’ vision

“Work of memory” issue postpones Bouteflika’s visit to Paris

Algeria and France have agreed on postponing the forthcoming visit of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to Paris to early next autumn. Such postponement is meant to accurately adjust economic files and the completion of “work of memory” issue, which still hinders efforts towards full normalization of bilateral relationships.
Sources briefed on preparations of the abovementioned visit mentioned that the announcement of French Foreign Ministry on the non fixation of the date of the coming of Bouteflika to Paris, even if it is set to take place as of next June, reflects “divergence in vision” of the two parties in terms of priority issues set on the visit’s agenda.
The same sources told El Khabar that French and Algerian experts supervising the State visit have previously agreed that it would take place in mid-June, yet some technical details on some economic and political files of bilateral relationships in its historical part have proved the existence of divergence in terms of the visit’s priorities.
However, both parties have assumed that nuclear cooperation, set on top of economic agenda, is not mature enough to be approached during Bouteflika’s visit, the same sources indicated.
Furthermore, the issue of work of memory, which Algerian party considers as a priority, does not seem so for Paris, which is still not ready complying with the rapid pace that Algiers wants.

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