domingo, 17 de maio de 2009

Minister of Information: RASD-TV will start broadcasting its programs via satellite on Wednesday

The Minister of Information in the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, Mohamed Almami Tamek, declared that the Television of the Sahrawi Republic (RASD-TV), will officially commence its broadcasting on Wednesday on terrestrial and satellite channels, on the occasion of the 36th anniversary of the armed struggle for the Liberation in Western Sahara.

"This new vehicle of information will contribute to the amelioration of raising awareness about the Sahrawi cause and will help unveiling the serious human rights violations committed by Morocco against the Saharawi citizens in the occupied territories, Southern Morocco, and in the universities’ campuses”, Mr. Tamek noted.

He further estimated that the launch of the Saharawi TV "will reinforce the Saharawi people’s message and struggle through the image."

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