sábado, 6 de junho de 2009

Refugees demonstrate against the Moroccan plundering of Western Sahara fisheries

Sahrawi refugees on the Canary Islands demonstrated on 27 May against a Norwegian fishing vessel, which was docked in Las Palmas harbour.

The fishing vessel ‘Midøy Dakhla’, sailing under Moroccan flag, has since approximately 2006 been fishing in occupied Western Sahara.

Unethical fishing in the occupied territories of Western Sahara is carried out by the Norwegian ship through a joint-venture with a Moroccan fisheries company in Dakhla.

The Norwegian company behind the vessel, Sjøvik-gruppen, claims openly that Western Sahara is part of Morocco, and works in disregard of the advice from the Norwegian government, which urges Norwegian companies to not invest in Western Sahara.

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