quarta-feira, 13 de maio de 2009

The President of SADR meets with members of ANC

Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz, the President of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) was received on Monday by the deputy secretary general of the African National Congress (ANC), Mrs. Tandy Mobezy, and other members of the ANC at the party s headquarters. During the productive meeting, the participants discussed relations between South Africa and the SADR, and President Mohamed congratulated the members of ANC for their victories in the elections.

During the conversation, Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz said that the Saharawi s main concern is stopping the Moroccan violations of the Saharawis human rights in the occupied territories and tearing down the "wall of shame" that Morocco built to separate the Saharawi people.

The President of the SADR declared that Morocco, by plundering the Saharawis natural resources, is taking in more then $5 billion USD – $4 billion of which it uses to buy weapons for its army and the rest of which is used for diplomatic campaigns against the Polisario Front.

Mrs. Tandy Mobezy expressed the support and solidarity of the ANC party with the Saharawi people and their right of self-determination. Mrs. Mobezy condemned the Moroccan violations of Saharawi human rights and promised to work tirelessly to demolish the Moroccan wall.

"The Moroccan exploitation of the natural resources in the occupied territories of the Western Sahara is an act of robbery," said the deputy secretary general of ANC.

The President of the SADR was accompanied during the meeting by Mrs. Fatma Mehdi, the general secretary of the Saharawi Women s Union, Mr. Hamadi Bashir, the manager of the President`s office, Mr. Mohamed Yeslem Besat, the delegated minister of African affairs, Mrs. Suelma Beiruk, a member of the African parliament, and Mr. Saleh Elabd, the Saharawi ambassador in South Africa.

After the meeting with the ANC leaders, Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz visited the centers of both the youth and women of the African National Congress, where their leaders insured their support of the Saharawi women and youth and promised to help the Saharawis to obtain their freedom.

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