sábado, 27 de junho de 2009

German shipping company Doehle does it again

This week-end, German shipping company Doehle's vessel 'Sagitta' arrived Colombia with phosphates from occupied Western Sahara. This is the second time this vessel carries out such an unethical transport.

On 20 June 2009, the vessel 'Sagitta' (not the one at the photo above) arrived Colombia with 13.000 tonnes of phosphate rock from El Aaiún, in occupied Western Sahara.

The trade is in violation of international law, according to a 2002 UN legal opinion.

Sagitta (IMO number 9370109) is sailing under Antigua & Bermuda flag and is owned and managed by German shipping company Doehle. It took the vessel 11 days to travel from El Aaiun to Port of Baranquilla, where she discharged the phosphates.

It is not the first time that Sagitta has transported phosphates from Western Sahara. The transcript below from Turkish Strait shows a shipment in March 2008 from El Aaiun to Varna, Bulgaria.

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