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Mosaic investigating its phosphate shipments from Western Sahara

The US fertilizer producer will make a decision on continued imports from the occupied territories in 2009.

The letter below is a response to letter sent by the Florida section of Western Sahara Resource Watch to Mosaic Co., on 7th of October 2008.

See the below letter in pdf here.

James T. Prokopanko
Chief Executive Officer
3033 Campus Drive, Suite E490
Plymouth, MN 55441
P.O.Box 5790, MS 190
Minneapolic, MN 55440-5790

November 19, 2008

Mr. David Urnes Johnson
Western Sahara Resource Watch

Dear Mr. Johnson:
Thank you for the letter you sent in October expressing concern regarding Mosaic's shipment of phosphate rock from the Moroccco and Western Sahara regions. I appreciate your outlining the concerns of the Florida section of the Western Sahara Resource Watch.

I want to assure you that we are currently investigating this issue. While we believe our shipments of phosphate rock are in full compliance with international law, we recognize the issues you raise. We are assessing our current production needs and will determine in 2009 whether we purchase any additional rock from the Western Sahara region.

Thank you again for expressing your concerns.


James T. Prokopanko
President and Chief Executive Officer.

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