sábado, 22 de novembro de 2008

International Socialist Women’s conference hails the affiliation of the Saharawi women to the organisation

The International Socialist Women’s conference (IS) hailed the presence of a Saharawi women’s delegation (UNFS) to the works of the conference held in the 14th and 15th November, as an observing member, sources from the Saharawi delegation indicated.

"The presence of the Saharawi women in this organisation will have an important role in the defence of the objectives for which the International socialist is struggling", the SG of the organisation, Marlyn Hass, said.

On her side, the SG of the Saharawi Women’s Union (UNFS), Fatma Elmehdi gave a presentation on the struggle of the Saharawi women in the Saharawi refugee camps, especially on the light of the international crisis of food. She added that Morocco persists in its illegal occupation of Western Sahara and systematic plundering of its natural resources".

Mrs. Elmehdi also mentioned the human rights situation in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, denounced the Moroccan military wall sealed by millions of anti-personal landmines and which is dividing Western Sahara and its people in two.

She also paid tribute to the Saharawi human rights activist and ex-prisoner of conscience, Aminetou Haidar, who recently won the Robert Kennedy Award of Human Rights. She considered that "this is a recognition of the chief role played by the Saharawi women in the different domains in the occupied zones of Western Sahara, in the south of Morocco, in the Diaspora and in the Saharawi refugee camps, to get the independence".

After the conference, the SG of the UNFS met with the SG of the Mexican Revolutionary Party, Béatriz Baridez, who affirmed her party-s support to the Saharawi people-s right to freedom and independence.

The Saharawi delegation also met with representatives of Mexico, Angola, Brazil, Afghanistan, Norway, Ukraine, Equatorial Guinea, it should be recalled.

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