sábado, 22 de novembro de 2008

Moroccan court of appeal postpones the trial of Saharawi journalist to Nov 27

The Moroccan colonial court of appeal in Agadir postponed the trial of the Saharawi journalist and prisoner of conscience, Mustapha AbdDaiem, to 27 Nov.

The Saharawi journalist and short stories writer was informed of the date of his trial the day before the session, what pushed his lawyers to express rejection of this decision and ask for the postponement to have time to study the case.

Mustapha Abd Daiem, also member of the Saharawi Journalists’ and Writers’ Union entered the Moroccan court raising his hand with the sign of victory and chanting slogans in favour of the independence of Western Sahara.

On the other hand, this time in the occupied city of Dakhla, the sister of Mustapha, Ms. Khadija, was in her turn presented Wednesday to the Moroccan colonial court for a false accusation.

The sister of the Saharawi activist, was attacked by a Moroccan collaborator with the police, he insulted her. But instead of been arrested the Moroccan police arrested her and accused her of attack against the collaborator.

It should be recalled that the Saharawi journalist was sentenced three years imprisonment, 50.000 Moroccan dh fine (more than 5000 US $) and 10 years ban from working in public services, knowing that the victim is a school attendant.

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