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SADC call on Security Council to resolve conflict of Western Sahara on principle of self-determination

The fourteen members States of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has called on the Security Council to act decisively to resolve the conflict of Western Sahara on the basis of established legal principles regarding self-determination.

In letter Friday to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon , referring to his report on the question of Western Sahara, which will be considered by the Security Council on April 22 , Ambassador, Permanent representative and Chair of SADC, Baso Sangqu said, “we would like to reiterate that for us, the Member States of SADC, the struggle for the people of Western Sahara is struggle for self-determination and indeed is based on the principles of decolonization, promotion of human rights, international legality and the stability and security of the African continent.”

He also expressed SADCs deep concern about the alarming reports of human rights being perpetrated, saying that they are of the view that the human rights violations stem from the non-realisation of the right to self-determination for the people of Western Sahara. “We call on the UN Security Council to include the monitoring of human rights in the mandate of MINURSO as in other peacekeeping mandates and on the UN to address the human rights situation within the context of resolving the matter,” he added.

The Chair of SADC expressed, too, their concern bout the continuing exploitation of of the natural resources of Western Sahara, recalling that, “these activities are in breach of international law legal principles applicable to non-self governing territories.”

Lomi (Togo) April, 22, 2009 (SPS) "It is time to the world to open its eyes to the problem of Western Sahara and honestly resolved through a free referendum that allows the Saharawis to decide their destiny", said Tuesday the Friends Committee of Saharawi people in Togo (CAST)

"We strongly support the struggle of our saharawi brothers and sisters for their people’s right to self-determination ", wrote CAST in a message received by SPS.

CAST has also denounced the serious human rights violations committed by Morocco in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, including the looting of natural resources, abuse and injustice against the Sahrawi defenceless citizens “.

It finally appealed the African and international NGOs and the Trade Union Conference of Solidarity with the Saharawi people to stand up and fight alongside the Saharawis for self-determination ".

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