sábado, 18 de julho de 2009

"30 years of solidarity and cooperation with Sahrawis: Outcome and Prospects", subject of conference in Tuscany

A discussion conference under the theme "30 years of solidarity and cooperation with Sahrawis: achievements and Prospects" was held Wednesday in Cecina in Tuscany Region chaired by the coordinator of the decentralized cooperation of Cecina valley and in the presence of the President of the Italian Committee of Solidarity with the Saharawi people, Luciano Ardesi and several politicians from the region of Tuscany.

"In a context where occult forces are trying the very negation of the Saharawi people, it is important to hold such meeting to demonstrate through the initiative of civil society is for the Saharawi people s legitimate struggle for freedom and independence ", noted Mr. Ardesi in his speech.

He also emphasized the special nature of the Tuscan solidarity in the sense that it was "a pioneer" in this initiative in Italy. A solidarity that "is renewed with its commitments and friendship even deeper," he said, arguing that the Saharawi people "need to be backed in this difficult and crucial stage of its struggle for national liberation."

Mr. Enzo Delsepia, coordinator of the decentralized cooperation of the Cecina Valley noted on his part that the question of Western Sahara "to be emblematic enjoys great support at the international level" and that a "legal" solution to this conflict "in accordance with the doctrine of the United Nations decolonization benefits from European politics to be a lesson in other places where wars and violence are always appreciated, as it will strengthen security and peace in the basin of the Mediterranean and Maghreb. "

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