quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2009

Yahia Mohamed Elhafed resumes his hunger strike after being returned to his isolated prison

The Saharawi human rights activist and prisoner of conscience, Yahya Mohamed Hafed, resumed his hunger strike after the Moroccan penitentiary administration refused to respect its promise to consider him as a political prisoner.

The administration of the prison of Eit Malul returned Mr. Yahia to his cell on Thursday, and the Director of the prison informed him that his demands were rejected by the general representation of the prison in Rabat.

Saharawi human rights sources said that the Saharawi prisoner of conscience Yahia decide to resume his hunger strike that he stopped last Tuesday, after the conversation with the administration of the prison.

The same sources added that the director of the prison prohibited the parents of the Saharawi prisoner of conscience from visiting him in the prison. The director of the prison further insulted the parents and threatened their lives with his car when they were waiting outside the prison to visit their son.

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