domingo, 10 de maio de 2009

Fatal road accident leads to the death of two French men and a Saharawi woman

A deadly road accident occurred yesterday afternoon along the road that links Dakhla camp to the Martyr Hafid Administrative Center (Rabuni). This awful accident led to the death of two French citizens and their Saharawi guide, while the Saharawi driver is in the emergency room in the Tinduf hospital.

The victims, who died during their way back from the Dakhla camp, have been identified as Mr. Patrick Claude Pochet, commissioner from the French city Nanter, Mrs. Typhaine Amandine Maury, a French student and volunteer in the Saharawi refugee camps, and their Saharawi guide, Mrs. Rayaa Lemrabet Zrug, who was a nurse and a mother.

The three were to work among a medicine commission, which came to the camp to visit the Saharawi children who are enlisted in the summer vacation programme.

On the other hand, the Saharawi engineer, Mr. Ali Buia Bayah, who was accompanying them, is still in the hospital but is in stable condition.

The Saharawi authorities arrived quickly to nurse the injuries and transfer the bodies. The rest of the French group traveled yesterday night while the deceased will be taken home tonight in a special airplane.

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