domingo, 1 de fevereiro de 2009

Saharawis demonstrate against Fugro-Geoteam

Saharawi students at the University of Agadir on 22 January 2009 protested Fugro-Geoteam’s engagement for Moroccan authorities in occupied Western Sahara.

Carrying banners "Fugro-Geoteam go out", and pictures of Saharawi political prisoners, Saharawi students arranged a demonstration in Agadir on January 22nd.

Fugro-Geoteam carries out a highly unethical oil exploration programme for Moroccan authorities offshore occupied Western Sahara, in violation of the occupied people’s own interests and wishes.

There are no places of higher education in the occupied areas, so Saharawi students have to travel to Morocco to get studies. There, the students carry out frequent demonstrations for the Saharawis’ right to self-determination.

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