quarta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2008

Moroccan colonial authorities kidnap a Saharawi journalist and writer

The Moroccan colonial authorities kidnapped the member of the Saharawi Journalists’ and Writers’ Union (UPES), Mustapha AbdDaiem, Monday night, in the city of Assa (south of Morocco), and transferred him to an unknown place.

The Saharawi journalist and Writer is a General supervisor of a secondary school in Assa. He was arrested yesterday because he clearly expressed support to the Saharawi demonstrators in the city who were confronting Moroccan forces after the latter attacked their peaceful sit-in.

Mr. Mustapha AbdDaiem is an active human rights activist, and member of UPES, who usually unveils and condemns the Moroccan human rights violations in the occupied zones of Western Sahara, in the South of Morocco and in Moroccan universities against Saharawi students.

He was victim to many Moroccan aggression and attempts against his life, and he was brought before court many times because of his political opinions in favour of the independence of Western Sahara.

The Saharawi Journalists’ and Writers’ Union (UPES) would like to inform all international human rights organisations, associations, and the UN relevant bodies that it is deeply concerned about the fate and safety of Mr. AbdDaiem, and calls on them to adopt the necessary demarche to help release him as soon as possible.

It also informs the public opinion that it will remain seized of the question, and will closely follow all developments with a view to adopt the necessary actions in favour of his release.

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