quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2009

Sahrawi official: We ask for more effective African solidarity with struggle of Sahrawi people

The director of Saguia Al Hamra and Rio de Oro centre for strategic studies, Mr. Baba Mustapha Sayed, called Monday in Algiers on African countries for “more effective” solidarity towards the Sahrawi people in its struggle against the Moroccan Occupation.

In his statement, on the sidelines of the international conference on “the colonial institution and liberation movements in Africa,” he stressed, “the responsibility of African states towards the Sahrawi people, deprived of all its rights despite all resolutions of international organizations, is still standing.

The Sahrawi official added, “these states should undertake a more practical and effective solidarity to totally liberate our continent from colonialism.”

He called for “to put an end to colonialism in the African continent” pointing out that the Western Sahara is the last colony in Africa.

Mr. Baba Sayed said also, “it s time to break the wall of silence to allow our people, living behind the wall of separation built by the authorities of occupation to separate the occupied territories to join the rest of the Sahrawi people.”

Deploring the fact that Africa “is not completely independent” as long as the Western Sahara “still obsessed by colonialism,” he expressed hope that this solidarity, “include all aspects in particular political and social ones.”

The speaker also indicated, “the majority of the Sahrawi people wrestle “unarmed” against the Moroccan colonialism, adding, “we are in need of material and political solidarity and recognition of daily resistance and struggle of this people.”

Mr. Baba added that the solidarity towards the Sahrawi people “shouldn t be only verbal,” but also the support to gain its independence.

On the other hand, the speaker regretted the position of France on the question of Western Sahara, in particular, during meetings of the UN Security Council, pointing out that this country “defends Morocco by all means” reaffirming “human rights violations are today committed in the occupied Sahrawi territories with approval of this country, which is considered to be the advocate of human rights.”

He, moreover, did not rule out the possibility of returning to armed struggle, to liberate the occupied Sahrawi territories, if “the UN continues to keep cross-hands in front of the Moroccan colonialist regime.”

Mr. Baba Sayed concluded his speech saying, “the cease-fire has served only Morocco, which continued to plunder our resources.”

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