quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2009

President of Sahrawi Committee against Torture: Nearly 170,000 Moroccan soldiers deployed in occupied territories

Nearly 170,000 Moroccan soldiers are deployed in the Saharawi occupied territories, said Monday in Algiers the chairperson of the Sahrawi Committee against Torture, Mr. Mami Aamar Salem.

"These soldiers were deployed in the occupied territories to repress civil Sahrawi resistance," said Mami Aamar Salem in a speech to a conference entitled "The Sahrawi resistance in the occupied territories" held at "Echaab" Daily centre for Strategic Studies.

Sahrawi resistance "is not new,” its beginning dates back many years to show the world that" the Polisario Front is the legitimate representative of the Saharawi people ", Aamar Mami Salem said.

He added, in this context, that the resistance is still aimed at "breaking the military blockade imposed on the media and region, as it has already accomplished several achievements including the establishment of relations with international organizations."

On the other hand, Naama Asfari, lawyer and former political prisoner, said that the presence in Algeria of a dozen militants of Sahrawi human rights and former political prisoners, aimed to publicize the Sahrawi cause and civil resistance of its people.

This presence is "a revival of the Saharawi cause," he added noting that "the Saharawi people, while being capable of directing the negotiations, it can also lead uprisings.

"We believe that all means are legal when it comes to snatch our rights," stressed Mr. Aamar Mami Salem, stating that "the use of peaceful means is a testament to the unwavering commitment of Sahrawi citizens in the occupied territories and their attachment to their legitimate representative, which is the Polisario Front".

Ahmed Ennassiri, formerly detained in Moroccan prisons, has also discussed the conditions of detention of Saharawi prisoners and the reality of civil Sahrawi resistance.

moreover, former political prisoners and activists of human rights from the occupied territories had come at the invitation of the Algerian national committee in support of the Saharawi people (CNASPS), denounced the violations of human rights perpetrated by the Moroccan forces of occupation against the defenceless Sahrawi citizens.

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