segunda-feira, 11 de maio de 2009

POLISARIO delegation attends the 20th Annual Congress of the Danish Unity List Party (Enhedslisten)

A Saharawi delegation, chaired by Mr. Mohamed Sidati, member of the National Secretariat and Minister Delegated in Charge of Europe, accompanied by Mr. Abba Malainin from POLISARIO Front’s Representation in Denmark, participated in the 20th Annual Congress of the Danish Unity List Party (Enhedslisten) held from May 8th to 10th, 2009 in Copenhagen.

The Danish Unity List Party has always supported the Saharawi people’s right to self-determination and freedom and is known of its firm stand regarding the illegality of the inclusion of the Territory of Western Sahara in the two Agreements between the European Union and Morocco; the Fisheries Agreement of 2006 and the Advanced Status for Cooperation 2008 on the basis that Western Sahara is classified by the UN as Non-autonomous Territory and that the UN does not recognize the Sovereignty of Morocco over Western Sahara.

The Saharawi Delegation met with various Danish NGOs, Institutions, Media, Foreign Diplomats and different personalities in Denmark, the discussions tackled the recent developments in the UN with regard to the preparations of the 5th round of the negotiations between POLISARIO Front and Morocco under the auspices of the UN with a view of finding a just and definitive solution that must guarantee the right to self-determination of the people of Western Sahara.

The gross human rights violations perpetrated by the Moroccan State in the occupied territories of Western Sahara and illegal exploitation and plundering of the Saharawi natural resources were also among the subjects discussed during these meetings.

The Saharawi Delegation also met with the participating foreign delegations, especially from Germany, Cyprus, Norway, Sweden, France, Palestine and Iraq.

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