quarta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2008

Swedish Greens demands Western Sahara out of Moroccan-EU cooperation

The Swedish Greens demanded the exclusion of Western Sahara from the EU-Morocco cooperation, said Ellinor Scheffert, international spokesperson of the Green Party, in a press release last Friday.

The Swedish Green Party signed an international petition launched last November by Western Sahara Resource Watch, WSRW, which demands that Western Sahara should be explicitly excluded if the EU and Morocco agrees on deepened cooperation.

Ellinor Scheffert indicated in her statement that "it is evident for the Green Party to support this petition”, because “a close cooperation between the EU and Morocco, where the Saharawi territory is included, would help to give further legitimacy to the occupation”.

“Unfortunately, she added, today the world gives its silent consent to the occupation of Western Sahara and to the torture and discrimination of the Saharawis. Morocco’s actions violate international law and human rights, they defy the United Nations, the International Court of Justice in The Hague and the African Union”, the international spokesperson of the Green Party said in a press release today.

For further information:
Ellinor Scheffert, (+46) (0)702-93 55 74
Mattias Bengtsson, press secretary, (+46) (0)736-27 53 83

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