quarta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2008

UPES calls for the protection of Palestinian citizens from genocide

Photos of 5 Palestinian sisters /between 4 and 12 years old, killed in Gaza

Saharawi Journalists’ and Writers’ Union (UPES) called on the international community, Wednesday in a press release, to protect the Palestinian citizens in Gaza Strip from the genocide and mass killing committed by the Israeli army.

The text vividly condemned the attack, which is waged by the Israeli army against Gaza since last Saturday, as “a real premeditated genocide” against Palestinian.

The Saharawi journalists and writers express their principled and unconditional solidarity with the Palestinian people, who are now targeted by a blind killing machine that doesn’t distinguish between kids and elderly.

Reports talk so far of more than 384 Palestinian killed, including more than 21 child, and more than 1700 persons injured.

The press release also compared the current attacks against innocent people to the Moroccan army attacks against the Saharawi population during the Moroccan invasion of the last colony in Africa in 1975.

UPES also called on the UN and on governments to act quickly and without more delays to protect the Palestinians and compel the Israeli government to put an end to its violations of the international legality, human rights and international human values.

It also called on the neighboring countries, especially Egypt, to assume their responsibility and provide the Palestinian with all needed support and assistance without further delay.

The text finally warned against the Israeli attempts to put Gaza under complete Medias and military siege so as to exterminate the Palestinian resistance.

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