segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2008

“Moroccans hang their problems on Algeria’s pegboard”

The official Moroccan campaign targeting Algeria is owed to Algeria’s backing up self determination plan in the Western Sahara disputed territory, said the Minister of State, Personal Representative of the President of Republic, Mr. Abdelaziz Belkhadem.
In a press conference he held following the FLN Council meeting, Mr. Belkhadem has approached again the critics made by Moroccan high officials to Algeria. He said Algeria does not intend worsening her relationships with Morocco. He further indicated that the campaign launched by “brothers in Morocco, does not serve the fraternal relationships between both countries. The political stability in Morocco and western Sahara and in the entire region is very important to Algeria,” he has been quoted as saying.
Moreover, Mr. Belkhadem added that reserves emitted by Algeria over the claim of the Moroccan authorities, which required the opening of borders has arisen the Moroccan authorities’ anger, through accusations saying that Algeria is hindering the construction of the Maghreb Union.
According to Mr. Belkhadem, the Moroccan authorities make Algeria responsible of the problems they are facing; pointing out that Morocco is intending to show Algeria as a responsible of internal social and economical problems they are facing.

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