sexta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2008

Dozens of people denounce the repression of Saharawis before the Embassy of Morocco in Madrid

Dozens of people demonstrated Wednesday evening in front of the Embassy of Morocco in Madrid to denounce Moroccan repression against the Saharawi people in the occupied territories of Western Sahara and to pay tribute to the two Saharawi students recently murdered by the Moroccan authorities in Agadir (Morocco) during a peaceful sit-in.

The event was organised by the Coordination of Spanish associations of solidarity with the Saharawi people (CEAS), on the occasion of the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, held under the theme "stop the killing and repression against the Saharawi people."

The demonstrators, lifting the SADR flags and banners that read, "Stop killings and torture", "Freedom to political prisoners" and “Western Sahara free and independent ", chanted slogans calling for the end of the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara and denouncing the repression against Saharawis.

The pictures of the two martyrs as well as dozens of Saharawi victims of Moroccan repression.

In this respect, the President of the CEAS, Mr. Pepe Taboada, declared that this event is a "symbolic act of solidarity with the Saharawi people, and an act to pay tribute to all the martyrs, especially Baba Khaya and Kteif Houssein, the two young Saharawi students who were murdered by the Moroccan regime."

"These are the methods used by Morocco to suppress Saharawis. As the Moroccan colonial authority didn’t dare send policemen to do the dirty work, it sent a bus to assassinate the two martyrs," he continued, adding that this is a "brutal attempt to intimidate the Saharawi population, but in any case, Spanish civil society will continue standing by their side."

"Through this event, we also want to denounce the impunity of Morocco that systematically violates human rights in Western Sahara for more than 30 years," he added.

In addition, Mr. Taboada described as "shameful" the statement made Wednesday by the king of Morocco that the Saharawi refugees are "kidnapped Moroccans”, specifying in this regard that the UN recognises POLISARIO Front as the legitimate representative of the Saharawi people in exile and in the occupied territories, because the decolonization of their land was not completed at the time, "and also recognizes to that people" their right to self-determination in all its resolutions."

It should be stressed that similar events were held in several other Spanish cities including the Canary Islands and Barcelona to denounce "the campaign of repression and extermination conducted by Morocco against the Saharawi civilians", according to the CEAS.

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