domingo, 21 de dezembro de 2008

Belkhadem compares French occupation to Algeria with Morocco’s occupation to Western Sahara

Algerian-Moroccan relationships should not be altered by Western Sahara

In response to statement made by high ranking officials in Morocco, while criticizing Algeria’s support to the Western Sahara, the Minister of State, and General Secretary of the Algerian major party FLN, said: “the Algerian people reached an agreement with one of the biggest colonial powers (France), and we accepted to hold self-determination referendum, then how could we oppose to such a solution for another people.”
When Mr. Belkhadem compares the referendum of self determination held in Algeria, in 1962, and the claim of the Saharawi people, he is alluding that the colonial power, France, which occupied Algeria for more than 130 years, and Morocco, are the same.
“We are targeted by an official campaign led by our brothers in Morocco, I seize this occasion to tell them we are brothers, and we have not intention to harm your Kingdom,” added Belkhadem, “ if Algeria supported the Sahrawi people, represented by the Front of Polisario, it did it for the respect of its principles.”

By H.Y

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