quinta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2008


Saharawi students all over the Universities in Morocco as well as at the schools in Western Sahara have been staging peaceful Demonstrations since the 1st of December 2008, in solidarity with the Saharawi students in Ibn Zohr University of Agadir and protesting against the brutal killing of the two Saharawi students Baba Khayya
(22y. 3rd y Economy) and Laktif Elhousin (21y.1st y Sociology) and the third student Belkadi Mbarek (1st y Law) who is still in a comma in a very delicate health situation at the hospital of Hassan the 2nd in Agadir, Morocco.

Ibn Zohr University of Agadir:

Saharawi students are on a hunger strike for 48h, they closed the gate of the faculty of Letters and Human Sciences and the faculty of Law and Economics, boycott the exams.
Demonstrations are occurring every day in front of the faculties and at the University Campus.

Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech:

Saharawi students since the 1st/Dec/08 are demonstrating at the faculties, boycotting the exams and going on marches between the faculties towards the University Campus.
On the 2nd of December, the Moroccan brutal forces nearly broke into the Campus.

Hassan the 2nd University of Casa Blanca:

Saharawi students are going through a series of demonstrations in solidarity.

Med V University of Rabat:

Saharawi students are making demonstrations.

Western Sahara: (El Aaiun)

Lemsalla High school:

Saharawi students boycott the studies and exams in addition to the Demonstrations.

Hassan the 2nd High school:

Saharawi students have been demonstrating.
On the 3rd of December at 01:00 the brutal Moroccan forces stormed the High school causing many victims, some students were sent to the hospital and some were detained.
We are still waiting for more information.

We, the Saharawi students are prevented from our rights such as right of Expression, Education, Transport, Master studies…

Every year we encounter serious troubles of registration at the Universities, problems of transfer…etc In addition to the brutal attacks by the Moroccan authorities in respond to our peaceful demonstrations calling for our right to Self-Determination.

A photo presentation of the situation of Saharawi students in two years time
(2007. 2008) as an example.

We appeal to you the conscience of the world to support us in our peaceful struggle to Self-Determination and Justice.

We want you to be aware about our situation now, we are continuing our struggle to achieve Justice and that the responsible of the killing of the Saharawi students be prosecuted in International courts.

We demand an International Protection, considering the brutal attacks by the Moroccan authorities and the serious consequences on students.

We demand a serious pressure on Morocco to stop those flagrant violations of Human Rights in Western Sahara and Universities.
And that respect our rights as Saharawis, to Self-Determination
and our right as students to express our opinions.

We need a presence of foreign journalists Human Rights activists and international observers to follow our case and to support us in our struggle.

Saharawi students
Ibn Zohr University of Agadir

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