sexta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2008

Spanish political party calls on Spanish citizens to massively participate in a demonstration next Saturday in Madrid

The Spanish party of the Union for Democracy and Progress called on Spanish citizens to massively participate in the demonstration that will be organised next Saturday in Madrid on the 33 anniversary of the wicked Madrid Tripartite Accord.

The party reaffirmed in a statement, of which the Saharawi Press Service received a copy, that its vice president Rosa Diez with member Meguel buesa and others will participate in the demonstration called for by the Coordination of the associations of solidarity and friendship with the Saharawi people in the capital Madrid to demand independence for Western Sahara, demand the application of international legality, and denounce the human rights Violations in the occupied zones of the last colony in Africa.

The party pointed out that the demands of the Saharawi people are legitimate and in the course of dignity, and added in its statement that citizens favouring the right of the Saharawi people should march in support of this right on Nov 15 in the streets of Spanish capital Madrid.

The statement said that the president of the party will forward this urgent call to the Spanish Chamber of Deputies at a later time, the statement reminded also of the meeting of the party delegation with the representative of the Polisario Front in Spain, Mr. Buchraya bayon.

It was also mentioned that the union for Democracy and progress has initiated an awareness-raising campaign for the Saharawi question, accompanied by public activities at the level of Spanish provinces.

The Spanish party called on its members to massively participate in this demonstration on Nov 15, and this was included in a paper of the campaign titled "the campaign of the party of the Union for Democracy and Progress for freedom in Western Sahara".

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