sábado, 11 de outubro de 2008

“Un Grito desde El Sahara” a documentary about the dificult situation in Western Sahara 11/10/2008 The Spanish organisation, Mundubat, investigat

The Spanish organisation, Mundubat, investigated on the dramatic situation lived by the Saharawi people because of the international disinterest in the violations committed by the Moroccan colonial regime in Western Sahara.

The 45 mn film, “Un grito desde el Sahara” (a cry from the Sahara) unveils the secret life of the Saharawi activists, their opinion on the Moroccan occupation, and their endengered life.

The Video can be found in DVD here: http://www.mundubat.org/MT/Publicaciones/Videoteca/Videoteca.htm

And you can download it here:

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